Summary of Annual Plan Benefits

Frequent travellers can choose to be covered throughout an entire year whilst travelling to international destinations from Malaysia. This product offers comprehensive cover against travel accidents, medical expenses, repatriations and travel inconveniences.

Cover for cancellation applies from the moment of policy issuance, while the rest of the benefits become effective immediately upon leaving your home in Malaysia to commence your journey. Cover is offered for an unlimited number of trips during the duration of one year. Each trip is subject to a maximum duration of 90 days for any international travel with any airlines. Travel for durations beyond this single-trip limit is not covered under the policy.

Cover will be automatically extended, free of charge, until your journey can be completed should your return home be delayed due to injury, illness or delays in public transport.

Please note that product benefits, premium collection, and claim payments are all displayed and transacted in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), and that no excesses or deductibles apply to the benefits presented below:

International Travel Insurance Benefits (in MYR) Annual International Basic Plan Annual International Value Plan Annual International Premier Plan
Emergency Medical And Dental Expenses Up to 50,000 Up to 300,000 Up to 500,000
Emergency Medical Assistance Or Evacuation Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Overseas Hospital Confinement Allowance Up to 5,000 Up to 15,000 Up to 20,000
Repatriation of Mortal Remains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Emergency Travel And Accommodation Expenses Arrangement only Up to 5,000 Up to 7,500
Accidental Death & Disablement Up to 100,000 Up to 200,000 Up to 200,000
Luggage & Personal Effects Up to 2,500 Up to 5,000 Up to 7,500
Loss of Travel Documents             - Up to 5,000 Up to 5,000
Theft of Cash             - Up to 750 Up to 800
Luggage Delay             - Up to 750 Up to 1,500
Travel Delay Up to 2,400 Up to 3,250 Up to 4,200
Travel Misconnection             - Up to 500 Up to 1,200
Flight Overbooking             - Up to 200 Up to 250
Trip Cancellation Up to 5,000 Up to 20,000 Up to Trip Value
Trip Curtailment Up to 5,000 Up to 20,000 Up to Trip Value
Personal Liability Up to 500,000 Up to 1,000,000 Up to 1,500,000
Home Protection             - Up to 1,000 Up to 2,000
24 Hour Emergency Assistance Help Line Yes Yes Yes
24 Hour Concierge and Travel Assistance Service Yes Yes Yes
Urgent Message Relay Yes Yes Yes
Legal or Embassy Referral Yes Yes Yes
Emergency Travel Arrangements Yes Yes Yes
Lost Luggage Retrieval Yes Yes Yes
Lost Passport Assistance Yes Yes Yes
Translator / Interpreter Service Arrangement Yes Yes Yes
Arrange Accommodation due to Travel Delay Yes Yes Yes
Emergency Cash Advance Yes Yes Yes

The following is a Summary of Benefits, briefly describing what is covered by each benefit and included in each assistance service. Please read the Policy Wording carefully for the complete details of what "We Will Pay" and what "We Will Not Pay". Importantly, please note that exclusions do apply as well as limits to the cover and these are set out in the Policy Wording.

Medical and Travel Accident Benefits

Emergency Medical and Dental Expenses

Covers medical expenses incurred abroad due to an accident or injury, or sickness. Outpatient and In-patient expenses are covered, including: medical, hospital, surgical, and nursing expenses.

Travellers aged over 70 years are eligible for up to 50% of the sum insured.

Emergency Medical Assistance or Evacuation

Arrange and pay for the assistance services if you injure or become sick whilst overseas. Includes also the cost of emergency medical assistance transportation and medical costs of your emergency medical transfer if you must be transported to a hospital for emergency medical treatment. Once you are fit to travel cover also includes arranging and paying for the transportation and medical costs to repatriate you to your home in Malaysia.

Overseas Hospital Confinement Allowance

Pays a daily benefit for each complete day you are hospitalized as an in-patient in a medical facility abroad.

This benefit pays MYR 250 for Basic Plan and Value Plan, and MYR 300 for Premier Plan, per each continuous 24 hours of hospitalization.

Repatriation of Mortal Remains

Covers expenses incurred in returning the remains of the traveller, who suffers loss of life during the trip.

Emergency Travel and Accommodation Expenses

Covers additional travel and accommodation expenses incurred resulting from medical reasons. Benefit includes compassionate return trip back to Malaysia in the event your travelling companion or a relative passed away or is disabled by an injury and compassionate visit by your travelling companion or relative in cases whereby you are suffering from a life threatening injury or sickness.

Accidental Death & Disablement

Covers death and disablement arising from an accident during your journey.

Travellers aged over 70 years and Children travellers aged under 18 years are eligible for up to 50% and 6.25% of the sum insured, respectively.

Travel Inconvenience Benefits

Luggage & Personal Effects

Covers baggage in case of loss or damage. Items covered under this benefit include clothing, personal effects, golfing equipment, and portable personal computers.

The single article limit is MYR 1,000 for golfing equipment and portable personal computers, and MYR 500 for other items.

Loss of Travel Documents

Arrange and pay your necessary additional accommodation, travel and replacement costs to obtain replacement passports, travel tickets and other relevant travel documents which have been stolen.

Theft of Cash

Pays for replacement for loss of money due to theft.

Luggage Delay

Pays for the purchase of essential items if your checked-in baggage on your international trip to your destination from Malaysia is delayed for more than 8 consecutive hours.

Travel Delay

Pays for each full 8 consecutive hours delay due to strike, adverse weather conditions, or mechanical breakdown.

This benefit pays MYR 200 for Basic Plan, MYR 250 for Value Plan, and MYR 300 for Premier Plan, per each continuous 8 hours of delay.

Travel Misconnection

Covers reasonable additional meals and accommodation expenses incurred as a result of misconnection of aircraft, train or cruise-liner due to the late arrival of your scheduled incoming connecting transport conveyance and no other transportation is available to you within 8 consecutive hours of your arrival at the transport point.

Flight Overbooking

Covers additional hotel accommodation and meals if you are unable to board your flight due to overbooking and no alternative flight can be provided within 8 hours

Trip Cancellation

Covers for lost deposits and cancellation fees for pre-paid travel arrangements due to unforeseen circumstances neither expected nor intended by you, such as sickness, accidents, strikes, and natural disasters.

Trip Curtailment

Covers additional travel or accommodation expenses incurred or forfeited if your trip is disrupted after the commencement of the journey due to circumstances neither expected nor intended by you, such as sickness, accidents, strikes, natural disasters, and hijack.

Personal Liability

Covers the legal expenses and legal liability to third parties or damage to their property caused by your negligence.

Home Protection

Pays for damage to your home and its contents if during your international travel your home is left unoccupied and is damaged as a result of fire or theft by forcible violent means.

24 Hour Assistance Access

24 Hour Emergency Assistance Help Line

24 Hour Concierge and Travel Assistance Service

Urgent Message Relay

Legal or Embassy Referral

Emergency Travel Arrangements

Lost Luggage Retrieval

Lost Passport Assistance

Translator/Interpreter Service Arrangement

Arrange Accommodation due to Travel Delay

Emergency Cash Advance