Frequently Asked Questions



If you have questions about MHinsure and how it can work for you, this section should give you the answers you need to make your decision.

For questions regarding coverage, please contact the toll free line 1800 806 376 within Malaysia or standard rate line +60 3 6207 4114, during office hours or by email at:


01. Who can purchase a MHinsure policy?

The policy is available to any resident/citizen of Malaysia travelling on any airline from or within Malaysia.

02. Are 'business travellers' eligible to purchase a MHinsure policy?

Yes. Our travel insurance is designed for leisure and business travelers alike. The maximum period of coverage for any one domestic trip is 30 days, while the maximum period of coverage for an international trip is 180 days. Regardless of which product you have selected to purchase, any portion of the trip beyond the maximum allowable duration will not be covered.

03. Is there an age limit to purchase MHinsure?

No. There is no age restriction to purchase the MHinsure policy. However please refer to the terms and conditions of the policy for detailed benefits in respect of children (including infants) aged under 18 years or adults aged over 70 years.

04. Can a policy be issued after the journey has already begun?

No. Our policies are all designed to be taken out prior to you commencing travel. The intention of the policy is to provide cover from when you leave your home in Malaysia or place where you are staying in Malaysia, until you return to your home in Malaysia.

05. Can more than ONE policy be issued for the same trip?

Each traveller is entitled to ONE policy only. This policy may include multiple people, but each individual is to be insured by no more than ONE policy during their trip.

06. What happens after the online application has been completed?

Once the premium has been paid by credit card a confirmation email, which includes the Certificate of Insurance and Policy Wording, will be sent to you immediately. The details of the policy will be transmitted to our database immediately, and cover will begin right away!


07. Does my Annual policy cover me for domestic trips in Malaysia?

No. Annual policies are meant to provide coverage for international trips only. Should you require coverage for your domestic trips, please purchase separate domestic travel insurance under individual or family coverage type covering you for a single trip.

08. When does the MHinsure Policy commence?

Trip cancellation cover commences from the moment you purchase your policy and the remaining cover applies commences when you leave your home or place where they are staying in Malaysia to commence your domestic or international journey. The policy ends when you return to your home in Malaysia, or on the policy expiry date, or after the policy has reached its maximum duration of cover (i.e. 30 days for domestic journeys and 180 days for international journeys).

09. Is my travel insurance cancelled automatically if I cancel my travel arrangements?

No. Please contact Toll Free 1800 806 376 within Malaysia or standard rate line +60 3 6207 4114, during office hours. You can cancel your travel insurance and receive a full refund of premium, as long as you have not already departed on your trip and filed a claim.

However, if you do have to cancel your trip, make sure you review your Certificate of Insurance and policy: because your travel insurance policy provides benefits if you have to cancel your trip due to certain reasons.

10. How can Insurance cover be postponed should the travel dates be delayed?

The traveller that is requesting the policy postponement must immediately notify us by email at In order for postponement to be granted this email must be received and acknowledged by us before the original planned departure date. As long as no claim has been submitted, we will send to you an email with a new policy certificate based on your revised travel details.

11. If the journey ends earlier than originally planned, will a partial refund of insurance premium be given?

Sorry, but no. Once your journey commences, we are unable to refund any part of the premium.

12. If I can't make the trip, can I cancel my MHinsure?

Yes you can. . Please contact Toll Free 1800 806 376 within Malaysia or standard rate line +60 3 6207 4114, during office hours. You can cancel your travel insurance and receive a full refund of premium, as long as you do not intend to file any claim under the policy.

13. What happens if I fall ill or suffer an accident during the journey?

For International travellers, the MHinsure policy entitles the person to medical assistance and cover for the expenses incurred during the subsequent medical treatment. Please call us immediately at + +60 3 6207 4115 should you have a medical problem whilst overseas (you can make a collect call (reverse charges).

If you have an accident and need medical assistance whilst travelling in Malaysia,

For domestic travellers, the MHinsure policy entitles the person to medical assistance and cover for expenses incurred during the subsequent treatment following an accident in Malaysia. Please call us immediately Toll Free 1800 806 377, should you have an accident whilst travelling in Malaysia. We do not cover medical expenses due to illness or disease (non accident related) for Malaysian domestic cover.

Regardless of whether you are an international or domestic traveller, you are free to choose your medical advisor or an approved medical advisor can be appointed by us.

14. What is a 'pre-existing medical condition'? Is it covered under the policy?

A full definition of all important terms is provided in the Policy Wording. A 'pre-existing medical condition' is basically any condition that requires ongoing treatment, medication or precautionary advice. If someone broke their arm 5 years ago and there have been no problems since, this is not a 'pre-existing medical condition.' However, if they had a heart attack 5 years ago and now take routine cholesterol and blood pressure tests, they DO have a 'pre-existing medical condition'.

Pre-existing medical conditions are NOT covered under the Travel Insurance policy.

15. Is luggage covered under the policy?

Yes, luggage and personal effects are covered under the policy. Domestic travellers will be covered for luggage that is lost or damaged while it is checked-in an airline. Please be sure to keep your checked in baggage receipts and obtain a letter from the airline confirming the loss so we can promptly process your claim.

For overseas travellers, luggage will be covered throughout the journey, but the person must be sure to take all necessary steps to avoid any loss or damage, which includes keeping the property supervised at all times.

16. Can I name one or more beneficiaries for the Personal Accident benefit included in my policy?

Yes, You can have one or more beneficiaries nominated for the Personal Accident benefit.

Please download and complete our Nomination Form, and send to us. You should keep a copy of your Nomination Form and notify the nominees of your decision for their information.

Post: Mondial Assistance

33-1 Wisma UOA II

No. 21 Jalan Pinang

50450 Kuala Lumpur



Fax: 1800 80 1038

Please note that in accordance with Section 166(1) of the Insurance Act 1996, Trustee of Policy Moneys, a trust in favor of nominee is automatically effective if your nominee is a (1) Spouse, (2) Child, or (3) Parent if there is no spouse or child living at the time of nomination. In such case, you do not need to send us any Nomination Form.


17. How does the claims process begin? Where can claim forms be obtained?

For details on how to make a travel insurance claim please visit the 'Contact Us' page, which includes all the relevant information, as well as claim forms. Likewise, you can contact our 24 hrs Hotline toll free on 1800 806 377 within Malaysia or +603 6207 4115 outside of Malaysia or e-mail to us at

18. What if I need Assistance urgently?

Please contact Mondial Assistance immediately and our team will be able to assist with the emergency. Please contact our 24 hrs Hotline numbers:-

Within Malaysia: Toll free on 1800 806 377

Outside Malaysia. +(60) 3 6207 4115 free of charge. You can make a collect call (reverse charge).

19. What happens if evacuation or repatriation is required following an injury?

We will transfer you to the nearest suitable hospital to treat your injury. Our cover ends upon your safe repatriation to your home or to the nearest suitable hospital to your home in Malaysia.

20. If I become ill / injured while overseas but did not receive any medical treatment, can I do so now when I am back in Malaysia?

No. Your policy's coverage ends when you return to your home in Malaysia. If you have an accident or become ill overseas, we recommend that you seek medical attention immediately. If this should happen, please contact us as soon as possible, so that we can assist you.

21. What kind of documentation is required to process a claim?

Depending on the type and circumstances of the claim, we may require original documents, such as reports or receipts. Typically, these documents are requirements, and we are unable to action the claim without the relevant supporting documentation. Each type of insurance claim may have different document requirements (for example, medical report, invoice, receipt, police report). Please call at

Within Malaysia: Toll Free: +1800 806 377

Outside Malaysia. +(60) 3 6207 4115 free of charge. You can make a collect call (reverse charge).

We will provide details on exactly what documentation is required to process your claim.

22. How long will it take to process the claim?

Claims will be processed within 10 working days after you have submitted all required documentation.

23. How are claims paid?

Wherever possible we will pay directly to the hospital and other medical providers in the event of you being hospitalised or requiring assistance. For all other claims we will pay the claim settlement directly into your bank account wherever possible.

24. What assurance is there that a claim will always receive a fair decision?

Should the fairness of a claims decision be questioned, the claimant may request that the Internal Dispute Resolution Committee reviews the claim by writing to us explaining the reason for your dissatisfaction. The Committee will respond within 5 business days of your request being received, provided the Committee receive all the necessary information and have completed any investigation required. If the Committee need more time, the Committee will agree on a reasonable alternative time frame with you.

In the unlikely event of you remaining unsatisfied with the decision of the senior management of the Committee, The Financial Mediation Bureau (FMB) and BNM's Customer Services Bureau (CSB) provide alternative avenues for you. Procedures for complaints to FMB and CSB are provided in the policy wording.